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RishtaOnline.com is an idea to bring together million single hearts on one platform to find their desired partner for lifetime. It is also very simple to go through the procedure of finding your life partner with RishtaOnline.com, you just have to give us your profile and simply describe your desired partner profile and you rest in peace because rest all is our job.

Since marriages were performed at very early age & youngsters were not mature enough. Hence elder’s decision was final & marriages were easier. But now time has changed. For various reasons, family life has become more & more complicated. Now a days youth take an active role in choosing their life partner.  Elders also play a role in the interest of the family. Nowadays younger generation is giving importance to many aspects. The choice of life partner has become extremely difficult. Nowadays the youth give importance to economic, stability, education, and intelligence & hence the selection of the partner is not that easy. So, to assist these persons we have started “RishtaOnline.com”. 

Our mission is to provide people with a superior matchmaking experience by expanding the opportunities available to meet potential life partners and build fulfilling relationships. We strive to do this through superior technology, in-depth research, valuable matrimonial content & services, and above all the highest quality of customer service delivered with a sense of warmth, understanding, respect, and company spirit.

RishtaOnline.com is the fastest growing matrimonial portal in India, promoted by The Saba Matrimonial Services . We offer a superior matchmaking experience for prospective brides and grooms to meet and communicate with each other by expanding the opportunities available to meet potential life partners and build fulfilling relationships.

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We thank you for visiting  “RishtaOnline.com” and hope we can help you to meet right life partner.

If you have any further questions please contact us at info@rishtaonline.com .

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